Home Care Tips For Christmas Tree

A rapidly disintegrating Christmas tree is easily the worst possible nightmare at Christmas time. Imagine having taken the trouble to find a good, full-bodied fir or spruce, setting it up and decorating it with lights and ornaments only to find a heap of needles at its base on a daily basis. You suddenly have a nightmarish vision of a bare tree greeting you on Christmas morning. Perish the thought!

These 6 simple home care tips for your Christmas tree will ensure that your tree stands tall and full right through the Yuletide season.

1. First things first. If you are going for a cut tree, make sure it is freshly cut as close as possible to your delivery date to ensure good quality. This takes care of the pesky needle drop problem, which is inevitable even with a good tree, but considerably less in intensity in a freshly cut tree.

2. Plan the delivery date of your Christmas tree. One of the greatest enemies of the Christmas tree is heat. When your tree arrives, make sure you keep it away from all sources of heat so that it remains fresh for a longer period of time. This includes central heating, radiators, and electric lights. Heat makes the tree lose a lot of moisture rapidly, setting the stage for the inevitable and unsightly needle drop by the time you decide to cart it inside the house.

3. What happens after the tree arrives is equally important. Obviously, you won’t be bringing it inside till you are ready to put up the decorations. So that might mean the tree goes through a waiting period of a few days. During this time, it is imperative that you keep it covered and hydrated (and, of course, away from any direct source of heat). Trim off an inch or so from the base of the tree so that all the pores open up and enable a better seepage of moisture. Mount your tree on some sort of a support and stand it in a bucket of water, till it is ready to be taken inside.

4. When the tree is outside, it is also a good idea to bang the base of the tree on the ground to dislodge any about-to-fall needles (avoids a mess inside). It is normal for a tree to shed needles in the course of time so that should not be a cause of worry.

5. Select a good spot for the tree one you get it inside. It needs to be stressed again – do not keep it exposed to any source of heat.

6. Water it daily. Once the tree has been set up, don’t forget to water it daily. Every tree needs moisture to keep them going, even the low needle-drop ones. For the first week, the tree would need to be watered twice a day and then once a day. It would be prudent to set the tree in a stand so that there is no mess created while watering.

There! Isn’t it easy to make sure you have the greenest, fullest Christmas tree this Yuletide?